Kinross-Shire Dog Show Results

Class 1: Best Puppy Class
1st: Sage – (Chris Wells)
2nd: Sonny – (Aaron Wood )
3rd: Archie – (Robert Drysdale)

Class 2 Best Sporting Breeds
1st: Monty – (David Morgan)
2nd: Archie – (Suzy Bell)
3rd: Casper – (Kate Hill)

Class 2 Best Terrier
1st: Sam – (Lucy Moran)
2nd: Mhuc – (Jackie Ratcliffe)
3rd: Rex – (Mary Hamilton)

Class 3 Best Non Sporting Breed:
1st: Bailey – (Jackie Ratcliffe)
2nd: River – (Kate Hill)
3rd: Olivier – (Charlotte Giacopazzi)

Class 4 Most Appealing Eyes
1st: Mr Magoo – (Julia Slater)
2nd: Coconut – (Sam Ebrahim)
3rd: Phoebe – (Ashleigh Henderson)

Class 5 Best Action Shot
1st: Archie – (Owen Peters)
2nd: Oscar – (Ann Marie Ritchie)
3rd: River – (Kate Hill )

Class 6 Funniest Dog
1st: Meg – (Joanne Drydsale)
2nd: Iggy – (Jasmin Dewar)
3rd: Mhuc – Jackie Ratcliffe

Thank you to all who entered and to Sue Cain for judging each class.